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Penhaligon’s Juniper Sling – 50ml at £78 ; 100ml at £110 available here

I love love love Penhaligon’s fragrances. My first ever Penhaligon’s purchase was the Quercus Soap back in my university days, when my friends and I literally used to live in the local John Lewis. I first discovered Juniper Sling however, a few months back during a leisurely post-brunch browse at their Covent Garden branch with my friend C – At this point, I feel the need to first share with you an amazing fragrance combination that she discovered: Layering Peoneve with Elisabethan Rose produced the most delectable floral, rose-with-tea-undertones scent – for those who love rose scents, you must try this combination!

As it happenend at the time, I was searching for something Juniper/Gin scented and this fragrance doesn’t disappoint – virtually Gin & Tonic in a bottle, though think more the botanicals in a good Gin rather than something that leaves you smelling like an alcoholic. Juniper Sling is what i’d describe as a clean, fresh and breezy scent, a great alternative to the usual citrus/aquatic suspects which typically denote ‘fresh’ in men’s scents. On first application I get a strong hit of juniper in the opening notes along with a slight hint of pepper and sweet cedar; where it gets even more interesting is during the dry down. After a while on the skin, it becomes sweeter smelling with notes of black cherry and brown sugar, balanced by a more masculine vetiver undertone where the peppery notes become stronger. Penhaligon’s advise that you ‘apply liberally and drink in’, though I found a few spritzes sufficed, as this fragrance on my skin has wonderful projection and longevity. I’d highly recommend Juniper Sling, particularly as a summer fragrance.

I also discovered that a cocktail inspired by the fragrance was commissioned by Penhaligons, and created by Geoff Robinson from Happiness Forgets, a bar in Hoxton. I’ve reproduced it here for you all to enjoy, (along with the actual fragrance of course!)

The Juniper Sling Cocktail – by Geoff Robinson

  • 40ml Hendrick’s Gin
  • 20ml Byrrh
  • 20ml Lemon Juice
  • 10 ml Sugar Syrup
  • Dash Celery Bitters
  • Dash Lemon Bitters
  • 6 Juniper Berries (Lightly Muddled)
  • Tonic Water

Method: Muddle Juniper berries and combine other ingredients in a Hi Ball glass. Add cubed ice, churn and top with Tonic Water. Add two cucumber slices to garnish.