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I really wanted to like this hair oil, not least because it’s a fraction of the price of Morrocanoil which I reviewed here. When anything blows its’ own trumpet and calls itself something like “marvellous glow oil” though, my expectations are drastically lowered, and unfortunately I found this oil a disappointment. The blend of Argan and Camellia oils sound promising enough, but I found the texture of the oil paradoxically light yet horribly greasy. The Morrocanoil which I prefer is the complete opposite in texture – rich and thick but leaves your hair smooth, conditioned and grease free. This ‘Marvellous Glow Oil’ on the hand, I felt failed to really condition my hair – it’s recommended for those with Dry hair, but my hair didn’t absorb this at all, the oil merely coats the hair strands giving it an oily sheen.

I shall be sticking with Morrocanoil for the time being.