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Lush Brazened Honey Facial Mask – 75g at £6.25

I had actually wanted to buy the Oatifix mask as opposed to the Brazened Honey mask, but my astute friend C pointed out that the former was for dry, flaky skin, while the latter was recommended for ‘balance and deep cleansing’ and would perhaps be more effective on my skin. As usual, she was right.

Brazened Honey is composed of a brilliant blend of ayurvedic herbs, fresh fruits, free range eggs and ground almonds which not only cleanses your skin, but acts as a surprisingly gentle, non abrasive exfoliator. The biggest plus point of this mask for me is that it visibly reduces the blackheads on your nose, as well as brightening and softening your skin, leaving it soft and dewy.

Lush recommend that you apply this mask thickly and generously, but I find it difficult to apply without the help of water to thin it out significantly. I have tried the recommended method of application but I have seen no difference in effect to when I thin it out – it also makes it easier to exfoliate. I use a dime sized amount, mixed with water in my palm until it reaches a milky texture, and apply thinly. After approximately 10-15 minutes, I re-wet my face and exfoliate by massaging the product into my skin before washing off with warm water.

A major downside for me though, is the smell. In store, the sample smelt fairly pleasant, a light herby honey scent, but when I took my pot home, for some reason the smell was ten times as strong, and the smell of cardamom overpowering – it’s so strong that it lingers in your bathroom for hours not to mention on your skin too. On application, there is also a stinging sensation, which for those with sensitive skins may want to avoid this mask. I also found the mask to an extent, staining and rather messy to wash off like a lot of Lush products.

However, if you’re able to put up with the scent (some even profess to like the spice-y scent) and provided that your skin is not sensitive, I’d wholly recommend this mask, as the effects are immediate from first use.