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You may or may not remember from one of my previous posts on Hurwundeki Salon, where I mentioned I had extremely thick, stick straight, coarse, styling resistant asian hair. Had, people, had. Ever since i’ve been using Moroccanoil my hair has become extremely soft, and pliable to whatever styling product I happen to be using.

Initially, I steered well clear of Moroccanoil; I tend to avoid products that are the subject of much hype, not because i’m some hipster against the mainstream, but because I like to wait and see if the product’s popularity remains even after the initial marketing and publicity campaigns – and to be honest, I didn’t knowit was if I could justify spending over thirty pounds on a hair oil when I have such short hair. However, I eventually got fed up with the numerous amounts of hair oils I had tried which didn’t deliver on their promises and gave in to Moroccanoil.

My first impressions of Moroccanoil were that although the packaging in no way looked ‘luxe’, the weighty amber glass bottle gave a veneer of assurance as to the quality of the oil (which I desperately wanted to believe in!) My expectations were raised further when I actually pumped a few drops of oil into my hand – a wonderfully golden, and unctuous liquid that smells of cocoa butter,vanilla, jasmine and a touch of musk. These few miraculous drops, I assure you will transform your hair. I and my friend C personally use it on damp towel dried hair as we feel that it leaves the hair softer than when used on dry hair. Unlike a lot of hair oils, Morrocanoil leaves your hair with a healthy sheen rather than a greasy shine; the oil absorbs brilliantly and there is no stickyness whatsoever.

Now, I know a few of you are shouting at your screens reading this and saying “Moroccanoil isn’t even pure argan oil!”, and of course you’d be right. This stuff is loaded with silicones. However, if you’re willing to overlook this for the effect it has, Moroccanoil is a brilliant concoction that puts it miles ahead of a lot of hair oils on the market, even pure argan oil. Yes, I went there. I’m recommending this chemical laden product over pure argan oil. I’ve tried many reputable brands that sell pure cold pressed organic argan oil, and none have come close to the effects that Moroccanoil has on my hair -it may not be as wholesome as pure argan oil, but I also don’t believe in using organic/natural products for that sake alone if they don’t work.

Yes £30 pounds is expensive for 100ml of hair oil, but if you think of the amounts you’ve spent on the multitude of products that promise to tame/nourish your hair -and fail, Morrocanoil is more than worth the investment. Perhaps you may even find that like me, after using Morrocanoil, you don’t even need to use as much or no styling products at all!