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Karma Kream by Lush – 225g at £13.50 available from Lush

When I first tried this cream in a Lush store, I loved the scent in the pot and how light, yet moisturising it felt without any feelings of greasiness. For those who have read my review here on Lush bath products, Karma Kream smells very, very close to the scent of the Dragon’s Egg bath bomb; fresh and citrussy, though Karma Kream smells earthier and spicier with the addition of patchouli oil, and lemongrass oil.

The scent however, proved to be a negative factor for me. It smells light and fresh when in the pot and on the tiny bit I tested on the back of my hand, but when used liberally as a hand and body lotion, the scent is completely overpowering. Ordinarily, I like products with strong scents, but even this is too much for me. Having applied this lotion in the evening, the smell only seemed to get stronger the next day, and was difficult to wash off. It’s a shame because it makes for a wonderfully light moisturising cream that gives you the feeling of having used a rich, thick cream, without the oiliness associated with it. Unless you’re 100% sure that you love the scent of this product, I wouldn’t recommend you purchase it, though if you do happen to like the smell -and don’t mind gassing everyone else around you, this is a fantastic body lotion as a little goes a remarkably long way.