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I am a self confessed Lip Balm Collector (And I have a feeling that you may be one too). The typical sign of the LBC is owning multiple tubes/sticks of lip balms/salves which can be found in their bags, drawers and even in their cars. What all these balms have in common, is that they’re often barely half used, yet the LBC is compelled to purchase another in the neverending search for ‘the one’.

Fellow LBC’s, I think it’s time to accept that our search will never end. Take a moment to process that.

The truth is, if we practice good lip care by exfoliating and keeping hydrated, most of the Lip Balms on the market will do a pretty good job of keeping your lips moisturised. What we’re really doing when we buy lip balm upon lip balm is, lets face it, succumbing to the pretty packagaing and testing out the flavours -this is all completely fine – However, at the times when your Lips are completely chapped, sore, and bleeding, these balms do little to help. What i’ve found does help though, are the unglamorous, but dependable Blistex range of Lip Balms.


Blistex Intensive Moisturiser Hydrating Lip Cream SPF10 5g



Blistex Moisture Max Lip Balm 10ml

Blistex is an absolute must in your lip balm arsenal – I often cheat on it from time to time with others such as carmex and burt’s bees, but I always return when they’ve left me cold. If your lips are in the worst state imaginable, Blistex lip balms will nurture them right back in no time – by which point of course, you’ve already resumed your search for the next balm.