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As someone with oily skin, and a T-Zone that eclipses the oil reserves in saudi arabia in the peaks of summer heat, I’ve built up a list of tips and products which can help you keep your oily skin, under control throughout the day.

  1. Keep your hair off your face – yes guys, I know you think your fringe looks cool, girls, I know you think your bangs make you look cute by accentuating your eyes etc. But what I also know, is that unless you keep your product laden hair scrupulously clean, it only exacerbates the oil on your forehead to give you spots and pimples. And that isn’t as cool, or cute. Incidentally, if you have reached this point, see here for a quick way to get rid of said pimples.
  2. Have a proper Skincare Regimen – This must involve at the very least cleansing your skin twice a day; morning and night to rid your skin of dirts and oils if nothing else.
  3. Use the right products for your skin – This is a major factor in helping you keep your oil under control. It’s common sense, but a lot of people neglect the fact that if you use emollient rich moisturisers/products, it will only make the problem worse.
  4. Less is more – Especially during the hot summer months, the less products you have on your face, the better. This ties in with #3 – choose multi functioning products to help achieve this. For example, I highly recommend the following cream that acts as your moisturiser, mattifier, primer, and sunscreen, all in one product: Alpha-H Daily Essential Moisturiser SPF 50 Daily Essential Moisturiser SPF 50
  5. Carry Blotting Paper – Blotting paper is a godsend to blot away excess oil during the day, and I for one get way too much satisfaction from seeing the oil on my face transferred to the paper. My favourite one is the Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets which do a great job of soaking up oil and instantly removing shine without leaving behind any powder or residue. Guys, you have no excuse not to carry this. If that chunky wallet you’re carrying can fit into your back pocket, so too can a small envelope of blotting paper.

6. Translucent Powders – Great for absorbing oil throughout the day. Men, fear not – i’m not asking you to carry around a jar of loose powder and a pouffe; this translucent powder which I recommend doubles up as an invisible powder and sunscreen all in a convenient brush dispenser. It’s especially handy to re-apply sun protection throughout the day without the need for heavy creams that block your pores. Peter Thomas Roth Instant Mineral SPF 45 (previously reviewed here)

Peter Thomas Roth Instant Mineral SPF45 3.4g


What are your top tips for controlling oil and shine throughout the day? Share them in the comments.