A fantastic quick, and easy guide to the different options regarding self hair removal for men, with the pros and cons of each method


So, a lot men are hitting the gym nowadays. And why not?! But the main point of dilemma being – hair or no hair?

While a lot of women have a thing for hairy muscled chests, there are those who would want a nice smooth chest. So for those who have no idea about how to get rid of that extra hair, here is a quick guide to all the methods and their pros and cons.

1 . WAXING : Yes, it does pain. But it isn’t unbearable. So get a pack of waxing strips and try it at home.

Advantage –  Mainly that it takes the hair out from the root, which means you stay hairless for a longer period of time.

Disadvantage  – Not so practical when it comes to shaving your back.

2. SHAVING : Every man knows how to operate a razor. Just a few…

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