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I have a love-hate relationship with Lush and their products – I feel equally as assaulted by the odor aroma that wafts out of their stores, as I am enticed by it. Out of all the products that i’ve tried, I can’t honestly say that any have completely revolutionised my skincare regimen. Lush’s appeal, for me at least, lies within the fact that it’s gimmicky, and I become even more susceptible to the cult of Lush when im deep within one of my ‘natural skincare’ phases, which you can read about here. But this is no indictment. I positively revel in the mirth that I derive from putting what is essentially food on my face/body, all in the name of skincare. All the fun, and none of the stigma from doing something like planting your face into a birthday cake. What’s not to love?

In the interests of maintaining some semblance of structure (and my OCD), I’ll group my reviews of Lush products into different parts, and begin this one with my reviews on bath products that i’ve tried.


First off is Honey I washed the Kids – £3.40 per 100g


This is THE epitome of Lush deliciousness. It smells of a combination of beeswax and dulche de leche – frankly, you’ll find it hard not to take a bite. It’s a very moisturising soap, though this doesn’t lend well to its longevity as you’ll find that it melts quickly. However, if you only ever try one Lush product, make this the one you must.

Porridge – £3.10 per 100g

A firm favourite of mine – creamy yet exfoliating and with the calming scent of malted oats


Bath Bombs/Bubble Bars

Whoever says that they aren’t captivated by the bath bomb demonstrations at lush stores are lying. The intense fizz, steam and fragrances they give off can excite even the most miserable.

Dragon’s Egg – £3.25 Each

Dragon’s Egg was my first Lush Bath Bomb and delivers the most in terms of theatricality. It fizzes and crackles and turns your bath water gold with flecks which make you feel as though you’re swimming in an invigorating citrus scented pensieve.

Butterball – £2.50 each

The less showiest of the bath bomb cousins, this bath bomb is more calming with cocoa butter pieces that melt into the water. Smells like how i’d imagine the smell of Butterbeer to be.

Rose Jam Bubble Bar – £3.50 Each

Bubble bars are used the same way as bath bombs, the difference being that instead of creating fizz, they make bubbles. Break off half of this bubble bar, and put under running water. I love rose scents, which can often be done badly, smelling cloyingly sweet and artificial, but this bar leaves your bath smelling subtle like rose water, and doesn’t overpower.


Shower Gels

Happy Hippy Shower Gel – 100g for £3.50 / £6.95 for 250g / £11.50 for 500g

Grapefruit and bergamot scented, this shower gel smells like a tangy Earl Grey. I love the scent in the bottle but unfortunately not only do I find that it leaves my skin with an uncomfortable squeaky feeling, the scent doesn’t even stay long enough on my skin to warrant re-purchasing.

Dirty Springwash Shower Gel –  £4.50 for 100g / £8.95 for 250g / £15.45 for 500g


Feeling obliged to give this shower gel a try, considering the ‘Dirty’ range is targeted to men, I don’t have much to report aside from the fact that it smells strongly of mouthwash. (Why is it that when brands come out with products for men, everything has to smell of mint?) I wouldn’t have minded as much if there was more depth and complexity in the scent.  Peppery notes would have been a welcome addition. Instead, this leaves you smelling like you’ve been dunked into a vat of listerine and you feel like it too  -not so much invigorated, as on fire. Like the Happy Hippy shower gel, this leaves you with the same uncomfortable squeaky clean feeling, and unfortunately in this case, you’re left wishing the smell was just as weak. If you’re a fan of minty scents, I recommend that instead you try the following: Mint And Tea Tree Shower Gel by Original Source which you can get in most supermarkets, and is currently on sale at £0.99 for 250ml from superdrug.


What are your favourtie Lush Products?

Look out for Part 2 where I will be reviewing Face Scrubs & Masks