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Before you even think about rolling up your jeans to show some mankle –let alone wear shorts and sandals, Gentlemen, I urge you to first regard the state of your feet. Chances are, you’re going to need to take these steps as a matter of public decency:

  1. Trim your Toenails Straight Across  – If this is news to you, then frankly, getting your feet summer ready is the least of your problems.
  2. Exfoliate – Whether you do this with scrubs or a loofah (or ideally both) – don’t neglect any dry areas on your legs and knees. Pumice stones are ideal for removing any hard skin on your feet, but don’t use too often as friction is counter-intuitive and causes more buildup. Step 3 prevents this.
  3. Moisturise – It’s worth it to use a dedicated foot cream. What you put on your face will not suffice. Don’t question this.          I recommend the following:

CCS Foot Care Cream – 175ml for £7.99 available at Boots

Kiehl’s Cross Terrain Dry-Run Foot Cream is perfect for keeping active feet dry – £16 available at Kiehl’s

4. Inspect Your Feet & Address any Issues – Discoloured Toenails? Curanail is your friend (£23.49 at Boots), Verucas/Corns/Calluses? Bazuka that verruca. Hobbit feet? aside from laser/electrolysis, there really is no better alternative to wax, Nad’s Waxing strips for men (20 strips for £8.99 at Boots)

If you still need extra help, Footner Exfoliating Socks is your saviour.

Yes you look stupid wearing them (1 application for an hour), but unless you’re willing to see a pedicurist, you have no choice. Be warned, the ‘peeling effect’ can leave you shedding skin for up to two weeks, though after this, you’ll have a brand new pair of feet.

General Maintenance

Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate. This is the cornerstone of good foot care along with moisturising. Don’t neglect your feet until the beginning of every summer – take as much care with your feet as you would your face. A good product that I have found for general exfoliation is this Sloughing Gel that sloughs away dead skin:

Gena Pedi Care Sloughing Gel – I have found this difficult to get hold of in physical searches, but a quick search on ebay will draw up a few. This stuff is amazing.


If none of these have worked for you, click here for applications for the next series of Embarassing Bodies Live.

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