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Pimples and spots can for a variety of reasons, pop up unannounced and adversely possess you face. On occasions when this happens, I have a quick, simple and effective remedy that not only reduces redness, but leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth too – and the likelihood is that you already have what you need in your medicine cabinet. Nifty. Readers, reacquaint yourself with The Aspirin Mask. This mask works because of the salicylic acid in aspirin -yes, that super ingredient used in  teenage acne products which apparently guarantees you dates. (Did clearasil have this effect on anyone? comments below please)

A few precautions though – you’ll obviously want to avoid this if you’re allergic to aspirin, or have medical reasons to avoid it. You should also avoid using this if you’re suffering from flu, due to the possible link between aspirin and Reye’s syndrome.

Aspirin Mask:

Simply crush the tablets and use enough water until a paste forms. Apply to face, and wash off after 10 – 15 mins. Use no more than once a week.