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Toners. Truth be told, aside from the fact that I know they’re used after cleansing, i’m not completely sure of two things; what a toner purports to do, and ultimately, my belief in their necessity. After a little googling research on the subject, I found that toners largely fall into two camps; Alcohol-based formulas, and Water/Glycerine-based formulas.

Alcohol-based Toners: These toners have an alcohol content of between 20 – 60% along with other astringent ingredients, and are often recommended to those with oily skins for its drying effect.

Water/Glycerine-based Toners: The usual suspects in these toners are things like your aloe’s and flower waters combined with a humectant to draw moisture to the upper layers of your skin, and are the gentler of the two, and often recommended to those with sensitive skin.

Increasingly, the more inebriated of the two are falling out of favour due to concerns about over-drying, which supposedly sends your pores into such a frenzy, that BP have to issue an apology. With the exception of #beautybloggersvloggersgurus, there is a general consensus in the medical community that there is no mechanism in your skin that causes the overproduction of oil from dryness. Nevertheless, I choose to avoid toners with high alcohol content due to the uncomfortably tight feeling I get after using them, leaving me convinced that I look like Cher.

On the other hand, don’t be fooled into a sense of security with the more abstemious sounding water-based toners either. Yes, they’re gentler in that you can actually move your face after use, but it doesn’t make them any less irritating, especially for those with sensitive skins. We often underestimate the strength of ‘natural’ products, but many of the essential oils and extracts used can cause reactions, so be aware of the cautions.

Dr Organic Rose Otto Skin Toner, falls into the water/glycerine based camp.











As i’ve said before, i’m still not convinced toners add anything to my skin care routine in terms of giving me added moisture (surely that’s the job of a good facial oil/moisturiser?), but alas, the promise of an extra dose of anti-oxidants renders me quite susceptible. What drew me towards the product in the first place i’m ashamed to admit, was its’ alluring name, Rose Otto. I refuse to believe anyone who says it doesn’t conjure up images of fragrant Damascus Roses in the oasis of arabic gardens – and the scent does not disappoint. Uncloyingly fresh smelling, and untainted by cheap turkish delight-like notes, I was compelled to buy. Having used this toner for a period, I can’t with all honesty say that i’ve experienced any visible results in terms of skin firmess and toning, but I endorse it for its scent alone.

For those needing a weightier justfication for purchasing, i’m happy on this occasion to toe the beautyblogger line and say “why of course toners are essential – they remove remaining cleanser residue and close your pores, dontcha know?

£8.49 for 150ml at Holland & Barrett


What are your thoughts on toners?