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Rifling through a box of my old things at my parents house, I stumbled upon a battered and severely annotated copy of that clichéd favourite, amongst a pile of notes and books, which I had intended to incinerate (along with the rest of my textbooks which were not only resistant to my brain, but unfortunately, also to fire) at the end of my GCSE’s circa summer 2008.

Today, many of my peers cite it as their inspiration for pursuing the law, emboldened by notions of upholding justice and morality.To say I was inspired by such notions in my pursuit, would be a little short of the truth*. My enlightenment came in the classroom when, the teacher having satisfied himself that we had squeezed as many themes and motifs, and juxtaposed as many situations as humanly possible from the book to the point of apophenia, (with no instructions anywhere on how to kill the damn bird) we were finally allowed to watch the film.

And then I understood.


(seersucker – check, tortoiseshell glasses – check, show of cuff – check…)

From the point that Atticus came on screen, I got it. I totally got it. I understood the appeal, albeit sartorial, of becoming a lawyer. Not to mention the contracting of an unhealthy obsession with tortoiseshell glasses (- and so my gift unto thou to develop and satisfy such urges is Warby Parker).  And so off to law school I went (to the relief of my parents, I had chosen one of the ordained asian career paths).

Unfortunately, I soon discovered that away from the glamour and sartorial good taste of lawyers in American TV shows (cf. Suits, The Good Wife), the lawyers at home, looked far more like this.


And so I lost all confidence in my hopes and dreams. Then along came Amal Alamuddin.


and my faith in the glamour of the law was renewed.

All jests aside, in many ways, my law career at university further inspired and developed my interests in the world of men’s style and grooming with a focus on the latter. I’m neither an expert in men’s skincare nor do I deem myself particularly fashionable, but i’m naturally sceptical of brands and their marketing, and so this blog -my first, is my way of documenting my foray.

N.B If anyone reading this blog actually gleaned the method by which to kill the bird, from their readings of TKAM, do comment below with instructions or otherwise.

In the meantime, I shall impart the knowledge of how Tequila Mockingbird:

  • 2 Parts Tequila
  • 1/2 Part Crème de menthe
  • 1/2 Part Lime Juice
  • 1/4 Part Simple Syrup
  • 1 Sprig of Mint

Shake with ice and strain into a chilled glass. Garnish with Mint.








*Disclaimer: ‘a little short of the truth’, could allegedly mean that those notions had no bearing whatsoever on my decision to go to law school….